Director:Gary Hophan
C High Park:Andrew Fan
C Central West:Laura Willcox
C West:Andrew Fan
C Central East:Jascha Ashiq
C East:Jennifer Conron
C North:David Brown
C York:Marisa DeFrancesco
B West:Bruce Young
B High Park:Anoja Dias
B Central West:Flaviu Dinca
B Central East:George Mihailovich
B East:Bruce Young
B North:Jascha Ashiq
B York:Paula Bailen
A West:David Maples
A Centre:George Mihailovich
A East :Marisa DeFrancesco
A North:John Mowat
Majors Southwest:Sonja Zibin
Majors Northeast:Sonja Zibin
Chief Information Officer   Adrian Cordea 

About Us

The InterCounty Tennis Association is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the advancement of tennis in Southern Ontario and was founded in 1962 by Forbes Mountain who played out of the Brampton Tennis Club in Brampton Ontario Canada. The InterCounty Tennis Association is dedicated to the advancement of team tennis in Southern Ontario.

Over 90 clubs presently belong to the ICTA. Member clubs to the ICTA stretch from Pickering to Oakville and from Toronto's downtown Lakeshore to King City, Caledon and beyond.

Member clubs of the ICTA pay an annual fee of $30.00 and $60.00 for each team entered in league play. Clubs wanting to join the ICTA should notify the President, and introduce their club at the Annual general meeting in October or the Spring Meeting in March.

Requirements for new clubs are availability of 2 courts minimum (3 courts for clubs that have teams in our Mixed league - please consult each League's rules for more details), lights (if there are evening teams), and provisions for washrooms.

  • The ICTA Tennis Leagues are designed for competitive doubles tennis divided into four levels of play: Majors, A, B, and C.
  • Teams are generally grouped into geographically compatible areas
  • The ICTA runs the following Doubles Leagues: Mixed League, Ladies League, 55 Plus Leagues. There are doubles and singles in the Juniors' league - Boys, Girls, and Mixed.
  • The season for most leagues runs for 14 weeks from the beginning of May to mid-August. Each division is usually made up of 8 teams. Most teams play two matches against each club, one at home and one away.
  • All beginning clubs start at the C level and earn promotion in the B level and at the discretion of the League Director. In most mixed leagues, at the end of the season, the bottom two teams in the Major, A and B leagues are relegated and the top two teams in the lower divisions are promoted. Clubs may have one or more teams at each level. In Mixed, Ladies, and Junior Leagues there can be playoffs at the A level to Majors. 

The Mixed League teams play on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7:00. "Major" and "B" teams play on Tuesday nights and "A" and "C" teams play on Thursday nights. 12 players play on a team: eight men and four women. At each Mixed League Match there are six matches played (best of three sets) 3 men's doubles teams ranked, 2 mixed teams ranked and one woman's team. Teams are generally grouped according to geographical location. In majors, a bonus point is awarded for a full team.

The Ladies League play four matches. Eight women are needed for each fixture. The Ladies League plays on Wednesday mornings.

The Plus 55 Mixed League plays 3 matches, usually, Thursdays a.m.. There are men's doubles, ladies' doubles and a mixed doubles matches.

The Boys/Girls League plays on Saturday mornings. There are 9 single and doubles matches played by 6 to 12 junior players.

The Mixed Junior League plays on Sundays. This league is made up of at least 4 players who play in World Team Tennis format.

Composite Teams: Clubs members of club teams that belong to the ICTA may join other club teams and play for their teams. (In the Mixed and Ladies C level and Juniors, +55 at any level)

Tournaments: Any club may run an ICTA tournament by notifying the president prior to the Spring AGM.

Dress code: Tennis attire at most clubs. White tennis attire at some clubs. Please check our locations directory or contact the club directly for more detailed information. Smooth-soled shoes must be worn on soft clay and "har tru" courts.

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